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Exclusive solutions since 1993


We specialise in plastic heels, injected heels on upper soles, light and comfortable wedges and platforms of high quality polyurethane.


We listen to your needs, we design and manufacture for you quickly and exclusively in a considerably shorter interval of time than the usual standard in the sector


The way we work, faithful to a handcraft tradition that dates back to the early twentieth century, allows us to offer the right solution to your needs and expectations


Discover what we do and how we do it

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A company that works with people and for people

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    Tacones Prats is the result of the hard work of a team trained in the craft tradition of the footwear industry in Minorca, who are committed to design and innovation that allows you to keep up with the changing demands of the challenging world of fashion.

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    Exclusivas Tacones Prats collaborates with first class suppliers. Thanks to the material selection they provide, we can offer quality products.

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    Exclusivas Tacones Prats has established itself as a leading company in the shoe component industry thanks to the confidence our customers have placed in us. Their demands and requirements stimulate us to improve everyday.


Our factory started off as a workshop that was opened by José Sastre Hernández in the early twentieth century. His nephew Carlos Pons Portella joined the company at an early age and then ran it until his retirement.

Tacones Prats facilities

When Carlos Pons Portella retired, Carlos Pons Vidal and Pedro Prats Marqués founded Tacones Prats in 1993, recognising in the new name the role that Pedro Prats had had in the continuity of the industrial tradition started by Sastre Hernández. Since 1996, Tacones Prats has occupied new premises of 866 square metres located in the industrial area of Ciutadella, Minorca.

Tacones Prats facilities

In our facilities we have

  • Four injection machines to manufacture heels with injected plastic
  • Three leather-lining machines for plastic heels
  • Four machines to manufacture thermo-polyurethane covers
  • A carousel for rigid polyurethane injection
  • A carousel for flexible polyurethane injection
  • A section for manzoniti heels
  • Auxiliary design machinery


    No one better than our clients to endorse our work.

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    Miquel Àngel Gener


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    Luis Castañer


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    David Bell


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    Santiago Pons Quintana

    Pons Quintana

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    Úrsula Mascaró



    At Tacones Prats we will be happy to assist you.

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    If you prefer, you can call us at 971 380 285, send an email to taconesprats@taconesprats.com or visit us at C / Mariners i Pescadors, 29-07760 Ciutadella de Menorca - Balearic Islands - Spain